Paraworld Singleplayer Demo

The tutorial and the first mission of the campaign
A singleplayer demo of ParaWorld is now available for download, giving you the chance to try out this 3D RTS developed by SEK and available now in retail stores. The German version of the demo has also been added in our download area (thanks: Samuel), as well as new screenshots. The multiplayer demo can be found here (English) and here (German).
In related news, Aspyr Media announced that North American gamers are eligible to compete in the official ParaWorld Ladder. The ladder, sponsored by developer SEK and European publisher Sunflowers, features a grand price of 60,000€ (or approximately $76,000). To enter the competition, players need to pick up a retail copy of ParaWorld, visit this website for rules and registration, and start using their rampaging dinosaurs to destroy their opponents.

Paraworld on PC
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