Charlotte's Web Voice Talent Revealed

Players of all ages will explore the charming world of Charlotte's Web as Wilbur and Templeton
SEGA today announced that actor Dominic Scott Kay, who voices the role of Wilbur in Charlotte's Web, will reprise his role in the DS and PC versions of the game. Players will step into the role of Wilbur the pig or Templeton the rat, being drawn into engaging tasks as they explore four fascinating worlds including Zuckerman’s Barn, a Junkyard, the Countryside and the County Fair, each containing numerous challenging levels. Along the way, players will meet and interact with truly memorable characters from the movie including Charlotte, Wilbur’s best friend and confidante, who requires aid in finding her missing spider hatchlings; and Gussy the goose, who needs help locating and hatching her goslings. Release is expected on November 14th for the PC, NDS, GBA and mobile phones.