Fully Refitted Salvo! 1.5 Sets Sails

The 1.5 upgrade has added a full multiplayer component to the game, allowing sessions to be played either through hotseat play or play-by-email (PBEM)
Shrapnel Games today announced that the latest version (1.5) of Salvo!, the game developed by Spruegames, is now available for purchase on CD, so that the latest players will not have to download the patch. Inspired by the naval battles that changed the course of history (Chesapeake Bay, The Saints, Trafalgar), Salvo allows you to command battle fleets in the 17th, 18th and early 19th century naval warfare and make vital decisions between battles in an impressive hybrid 3D environment. The game offers fast paced action with both turn based control and automatic action support, 24 (tentative) scenarios, each one a full campaign of up to 14 battles, various ship types, land and shallow water conditions for realistic coastline scenarios, and more.