More characters for Dance Dance Revolution

Konami has released the second set of characters for the recently released PC conversion of their dancing simulation game, Dance Dance Revolution. The 2 new characters (Valencia and Guy) are available right here (224 KB). New characters should be added every week, so check the official website if you don't wanna miss them :)
Dance Dance Revolution is an innovative dancing simulation game that challenges the player with its combination of music, rhythm and coordination. Players step up to the dance floor using either the keyboard, joypad or dancepad and dance to the rhythm following the pattern of arrows that come streaming from the bottom of the screen. Gameplay is simple. Players need only to press the corresponding arrows in sync with the on-screen arrows as they match up with the arrows in the step zone (located at the top of the screen). As players successfully press the correct arrows in time with the music, their dance guage will increase. If they consecutively press the correct arrows, they can build combos that will help them achieve high scores. However, if the player continually misses the arrows, their dance guage decreases until the game is over. With several modes of play as well as a Workout mode, players can test their skills, to various dance, and club music. If this is your first time experiencing Dance Dance Revolution, you will find that this game will appeal to everyone of all ages. Features: * Dance Dance Revolution started the dance simulation game craze and it is now available for your PC! Challenge your timing and rhythm skills as you dance to one of 40 original songs! * Players simply match up the arrows that scroll from the bottom of the screen and press the corresponding arrow button when the arrow is matched up with the arrow in the step zone. * Do you have the steps that it takes???! For the competitive side in you, clearing a song with an awesome score unlocks a password that allows you to post it on the Konami Internet Ranking against the scores of other PC Dance Dance Revolution players! * Create your own Groove! In the PC version there is an Edit mode that allows you to use the step arrows to create moves that'll flow to your choice of music, which can be used in various modes of the game. * Loads of Characters! Let your skills and amazing combos shine using one of 48 available characters! * No Sweat! Using the Workout mode, get in shape and keep track of calories burned while you step to the beats of pop, techno, house and much more! Requirements Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95 (Windows NT not supported) 300 MHz Intel Celeron or Pentium II processor or 400 MHz Duron processor or better 32 MB or RAM 110 MB of free space on Hard Disk plus space for Direct X 8.0 8X CD/DVD-ROM drive 8 MB graphics card with direct X compatible driver Direct X compatible sound card. Keyboard. USB Gamepad converter required for play with PSX Dance Pad (see recommended items)