Merscom Signs The Ship

The best-dressed killers just came into town
Merscom has announced it has paired with Outerlight to publish The Ship for the PC in North American retail in Q1 2007. Set on a series of luxury, art deco cruise ships built by ‘Mr X’, The Ship challenges you to kill or be killed. The rules of the hunt are simple: each of you is given the name of one of the other contestants on board, and you must hunt them down and kill them with any weapon you can find. But as well as having someone to hunt, you have another player hunting you. The many multiplayer modes include Hunt, Elimination, Duel and Deathmatch, for 8 - 16 players (and up to 32 players on the larger maps). Weapons on board are many and varied: bludgeoning (hammers, mannequin arms and tennis rackets), stabbing (knives, katanas, letter openers), firearms, poison, traps and triggers. The Ship will retail for $19.99 (USD). New screenshots are available in our gallery.