Project IGI Gold

Eidos has announced that Project IGI has gone gold and will be in U.S. and Canadian stores on Dec. 8. Gamers have endured tougher challenges than those in Eidos’ upcoming strategic action-shooter -- but not much. One of the more rugged assignments: Infiltrate a fortified base, disable their automatic defenses and get the goods. I'm Going In is a stealth shooter that stresses cunning and covertness over firepower. People will use the latest espionage equipment and weapons to get the job done without detection. The plot details a battle through Eastern Europe to stop a homicidal colonel bent on turning Europe into a radioactive wasteland.
Features include: Abilities that include stealing, computer access, sabotage and reconnaissance Computer-controlled enemies that use actual militaristic tactics Air assaults that can be called through a communication PDA Equipment that includes latest espionage gear Assault weapons to disable surveillance, bomb shelters, armored carriers and gunships.