Beach Life Gold

Eidos today announced that Deep Red's holiday resort sim, Beach Life (aka Virtual Resort: Spring Break in US), has gone gold. The game will ship September 6 in UK and 4 days later in US.
Sun, sand and sex is what you can expect from Eidos Interactive’s new PC holiday simulation Beach Life. Based on a game concept by Ian Livingstone, Beach Life is being developed by Deep Red and is due for release in August. Set in exotic holiday resorts around the world, players compete to create the most successful holiday experience. Build an Ibiza-like resort with hotels, bars, clubs, beach activities, water sports, set the prices and watch all the self-indulgent holidaymakers have fun in the sun. As summer rolls on you will experience all the joys and the headaches of running a typical package holiday resort from romance and over indulgence to food poisoning and storms. Beach Life offers the gamer something different to what they’ve ever experienced before. The game features the planning and management options of a Tycoon style game with the people watching intrigue of The Sims. You must build and run your island whilst reacting to the needs of your guests and then watch the hilarious and sometimes disastrous consequences. Graphically Beach Life features a beautiful, scrollable isometric world with a very simple and straightforward interface. Ian Livingstone, Creative Director of Eidos says, "Young people in particular have a lot of fun on holiday. It seemed to me the perfect experience to simulate in a game. Cheap booze, loud music, romance, polluted water, mosquitoes, hot sun, beach volleyball, etc will combine to create people-watching at its best. It’s up to the players to decide what kind of resort they want to create and the type of people they want to attract to it. Players will know instinctively how to play it." Features: Develop Your Own Unique Holiday Resort Choose from over 50 different rides, attractions and facilities. Focus on water-based activities with Jet Skis, Paragliding, Speedboats, Pedaloes, Party Cruises and Snorkelling. Or build up your beaches with Barbecues, Beach Discos, Volleyball and Event Stages. Many other facilities are available too, like Clubs, Restaurants, Bars, Casinos, Amusement Arcades etc. etc. Outrageous And Hilarious Laugh or cry as your guests get up to all kinds of antics including Wet T-Shirt Contests, Beauty Contests, Beach Parties and ‘booze’ cruises. See the guests get ill, get drunk, get horny or start fighting! Rich Character Behaviours Rather than the usual faceless, nameless people that appear in many sim games, Beach Life features strongly differentiated character types with their own traits and preferences. We’ve got sun-worshippers, lager-louts, sporting types, partygoers etc. - over 300mb of animation! Challenging and Enduring Gameplay Beach Life features two main modes of play – Campaign-style and Freeform. The campaign mode puts fourteen different resort challenges in front of the player; each features different environments, weather patterns, guest types, hazards and objectives. In the Freeform mode, you can choose any island you’ve previously completed in the campaign mode and play it any way you like. Low minimum spec requirement Beach Life does not rely on 3D hardware or cutting-edge PC’s; it’s designed to run on anything from a Pentium 200 MMX upwards (even laptops!). ‘Voyeur’ Mode With the aid of the built in ‘camera’ facility with zoom lens, you can track individuals in the resort as they go about their holidays. There’s even an option to take ‘photos’ of your favourite moments which can then be printed, emailed to friends or posted to the Beach Life website!