War Rock Details Released

To be released this February in the UK
K2 Network today released details on the character classes from War Rock, which will be available in stores throughout the United Kingdom, beginning February 6, 2007 and soon after in other European territories. War Rock is a a tactical online multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) with a modern military theme. Players side with either the Derbaran Military or the NIU Mercenaries, and participate in a variety of scenarios across a variety of maps and gameplay modes. The retail version includes a manual, a full-colour map book and limited edition War Rock dog tags. For the first month of play, gamers will be given Gold Premium membership which includes an unlockable fifth weapon slot, a unique weapon, integrated voice chat, access to new maps and game play modes, weaponry, armour and new in-game items.

War Rock
War Rock on PC
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