K2 Network Signs Double Fusion Ads

War Rock is a tactical first person shooter with a wide variety of customizable weaponry and vehicles, intuitive controls and multiple battle modes
Double Fusion today announced an agreement with K2 Network to offer sponsorships and dynamic in-game advertising placements within War Rock. The worldwide exclusive agreement allows the placement of dynamic 2D and 3D ads into the game. The game is a a tactical online multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) with a modern military theme. Players side with either the Derbaran Military or the NIU Mercenaries, and participate in a variety of scenarios across a variety of maps and gameplay modes. The retail version includes a manual, a full-colour map book and limited edition War Rock dog tags. For the first month of play, gamers will be given Gold Premium membership which includes an unlockable fifth weapon slot, a unique weapon, integrated voice chat, access to new maps and game play modes, weaponry, armour and new in-game items. War Rock launches February 6th.

War Rock
War Rock on PC
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