European PS3 First Party Software Pricing Announced

Downloadable content will be available in 23 countries across the SCEE territories
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) also announced pricing details for its first party title launch line-up, to accompany the 23rd March 2007 launch of PS3. Its five disc based launch titles, including Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man, will be priced at an RRP of €59.99 (£39.99, AUD 99.95, NZ 109.95). In addition to the disc based games SCEE also announced that exclusive titles, developed especially for download from the PLAYSTATION Network such as BlastFactor, flOw and Super Rub a Dub, together with iconic gaming brands such as Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, will be made available for an introductory period at prices which range from €2.99 to €9.99 depending on the specific title. Check full story for details.