Mercs: Gun4Hire Announced and Screens

Published by D2D, under its 'Level Play' brand 'Select, play, replay or skip!'
Dusk2Dawn Interactive today announced that StarFish Game Studios is developing Mercs: Gun4Hire, a multilevel game that takes the best from popular genres, such as first person shooters, space dogfighting and 3rd person run and gun. The game is set in the year 2496 and follows a century-long war with an invading force known as the Kilgethions. A peace treaty is finally signed by the superpowers of Earth and the Kilgethion leaders, although both side still hire freelancers for work that is considered to be outside of the treaty. Ran, the main character of the game, is enlisted by an Earth-based fraction to raid a Kilgethion supply chain and steal some very rare ‘booty’ that the lead ship is carrying. During the mission Ran accidentally uncovers a plot by the Kilgethions to attack earth by constructing a battle fleet on the moons of three planets in our solar system (check full article for details). Mercs: Gun4Hire is due to ship in Q3 2007, priced at RRP £9.99 - the first screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.