Out of Hell 31 August 2002

Last one for August, if you wonder, John-the-news-machine is out of order for some time! Interviews:
Ballerium on -Other- (PC) Black and White 2 on Gamespot (PC) Brute Force on Gamespot (XBox) Robotech Battlecry on -Other- (PS2) Savage on -Other- (PC)
C&C: Generals on -Other- (PC) Devastation on EuroGamer (PC) Jet X2O on D.Backspin (PS2) No One Lives Forever 2 on Gamespy (PC) Rally Fusion: Race of Champions on Games Domain (XBox) Star Trek: Fleet Command III on Arm Chair E. (PC)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer on -Other- (PC - 8.8/10) Prince of Qin on Gamespot (PC - 6.7/10) Street Hoops on -Other- (XBox - 7.1/10) Street Hoops on Xen Gamers (PS2 - C) Sudden Strike 2 on -Other- (PC - 89/100)
Archive here.