Paper Clips Trailer

1:42 of in-game footage
The first Paper Clips trailer is now locally mirrored, showcasing this upcoming Half-Life 2 modification where all the players are as flat as a peace of paper. The Point System (PS) is about the health points (HP) someone haves and lose. So you get point for every HP you shoot and not only on the kills. Every map has a different gamemode. Every gamemode is team-based, but when you start a server you should be able to put 'gamemodes' of and play a normal deathmatch without any teams. Every maps is named like de gamemode, like pc_KingOfTheHill. There is also a map called pc_Deathmatch. This means it is Team Deathmatch because every 'Gamemode' is team-based. The Paper Clips team needs a coder and a modeller, so visit the official website for details.
Paper Clips Trailer (114.74MB)