Grand Prix 4 patch v4.0

This is the official version 4.0 patch for Grand Prix 4 by Geoff Crammond, Simergy and Infogrames that corrects an impressive number of bugs, check full article for a complete list of issues. Gamer's Hell Local Download: Grand Prix 4 patch v4.0 (5.6 MB).
This is the official version 4.0 patch for Grand Prix 4 by Geoff Crammond, Simergy and Infogrames that corrects numerous bugs and technical issues: * Compat - Heat haze actived: Sometimes on the track (any motor circuit), when the heat haze is actived, then the car who precedes (or who follows) the player's car disappears. This bug is visible with the camera behind the player's car and when there is some distance between the two cars. * Conso - Frozen during sound calibration: The game will lock up and freeze during the sound calibration sequence. This is common with installed Sound Blaster Audigy chipsets. This bug has been reported by the GB hotline. Not seen in our tests... * Pit crew disappearing: When the pit crew pushes cars back into the pit, they sometimes disappear and reappear. Most seen from the helmet cam view. * Installer only checks the presence of DirectX 8.0: The installer check the presence of DirectX 8.0 instead of DirectX 8.1 * Conso - Game droppped to windows desktop: The game will install fully. When the player launches for the first time the Safe disk splash screen appears, then the program will drop to the windows desktop. Sometimes the program will show a full blask screen before dropping out. This occurs on a wide variety of different PC system and so far there does not appear to be a common to any particular CD/DVD-Rom drive. This bug has been reported by the GB hotline. Not seen in our tests... * Conso - Disk2 asked during installation: During installation the program installs to 58% (other figures can occur). Stops and then asks for disk2 to be inserted. The install is then aborted. The game is a 1disk title. This bug really looks like the one which occured with Japanese, Greek and Hebrew OS. Maybe people who had this installation problem tried to install on a Indian or other OS. This bug has been told by the GB hotline. Not seen in our tests... * Conso - Pits drop down monitor: In hotseat mode, while qualifying, when you change player, while viewing the drop down monitor in the pits, it displays the wrong laptimes/drivers. This is a bug from forum. Not seen in our tests... * Best lap time in qualifications: Sometimes the game will post wrong lap/qual times in the skybox messages. Skybox show a new fastest lap/pole time set by player A, but it displays the wrong lap time, the one just beaten. The displaying of the beaten pole time seems only to happen when the player beats a pole time he himself has set previously or set by an AI. * Car's mirrors when changing player: If it is the second players turn, and the first was in the pits when play was handed over, the mirrors on the car are not updated porperly in helmet camera view. The car changes, and it is placed in the correct garage, yet the mirrors will display the previous pit crew men and garage. * Strange viewing mode when auto-director activated: When the auto- director is activated with the Ins" key, it is possible to produce strange results. It makes a mixture of the visor view and the above helmet view. Moreover, the car is visibly running 20cm below the tarmac surface. See screenshot." * Conso - Green rev counter leds: Sometimes the green rev counter leds on the steering wheel go out when they should not. It is single leds that go out, not the whole string. It can happen any of the four green leds, and in any game mode. Seems to happen more often when, but is not limited to, traction control is activated. Has not been observed in AI controlled cars. This bug has been seen in a forum. * Conso - Marshalls staying on track's side: Sometimes the marshalls forget to leave the track after they have cleaned up an accident. The yellow flag zone does go away but the marshalls continue to stand by the track side for the remaining duration of the race. This bug has been seen in a forum. * Conso - Damaged car graphics not updated: After a crash that damages the car, then when you are put back into the pits by a marshall or player uses Shift"+"Q", the repair car routine doesn't always work properly. The damage model is updated, but the graphics are not. Hence, the car still looks damaged. This bug has been seen in a forum." * Conso - Season 2001 cars and drivers: Alex Yoong has the wrong helmet in the game. He has been given Tarso Marques' helmet. The BAR cars have swapped numbers. In the game Jacques Villeneuve car has number 9 and Olivier Panis number 10. In the actual entry list for the F1 season 2001, Jacques Villeneuve's car was entered as number 10 and Olivier Panis' car as number 9. This bug has been seen in a forum. * MPH displayed in KPH: If Imperial units are selected in the menu setup", then speed is shown in Miles Per Hour (MPH). If the player then watches a replay with TV overlays on, then the speed measured in the speed traps is displayed in the TV overlays in Kilometers Per Hour (KPH). This is a bug from forum. Not seen in our tests." * Used tyres displayed in hex-decimal on the LCD screen: When player selects used tyres from the steering wheel, the tyre menu displays the amount of laps the tyre has been used in hex-decimal. For instance, 26 laps is displayed as 1A. When the tyre is selected and the player returns to the main menu on the steering wheel, the number of laps driven is displayed correctly. * Conso - Disappearing skidmarks: When racing with race distance set to 100 %, suddenly all the trackmarks ( the burned rubber from wheelspin and skidmarks etc.) disappears; The track is clean again and no new marks are added. This bug comes from a forum, never seen in our tests * Wheel disappearing: Sometimes, while driving or after loosing a wheel and going for a pitstop , one of your wheels disappears. You can still drive as if it was there, but it is not displayed anymore... * Car set up display: car set up of two driver are not diplayed correctly for Pedro de la Rosa the car set up available in driver screen is Alex Young's for Alex Young the car set up available in driver screen is Thomas Enge's * Car failures on LCD screen: If your car has several failures, they are all displayed superimposed on the LCD screen of the steering wheel. * TCP/IP in 2 players: When you click on Connect in TCP/IP with "2 players" selected, you have a frozen screen.