Out of Hell 3 April 2007

They didn't get to make their own news
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     1. German mobile games developer HandyGames sent over a press release announcing that Townsmen 4 has caused a stir in the press and won five awards in just one week.
     2. accelenation.com posted an article named 'PlayStation 3 To Emulate Xbox 360': "Following Sony’s decision to replace the PS2 emulator chip on European PS3 units with software emulation, a leaked memo to Phil Harrington (President, Sony Worldwide Studios) has revealed plans to emulate competing console units. It has been speculated for years that an emulator may emerge to allow Xbox-only games to run on a PC, but few suspected that cross-console emulation would be possible." (April Fools' Day Joke).
     3. The 2007 Indie MMO Game Developers Conference (IMGDC) will offer any registered attendee free access to videos of every session class, round-table and keynote at the IMGDC website. Simply by registering for the event, anyone can gain full access to the conference without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices. IMGDC, to be held on April 14th and 15th, is designed to be an informal venue of Indie and hobbyist developers with the shared goal to focus on design, development and production of Indie MMOs/Virtual Worlds. Click here for more details.
     4. Gearbox Software announced that Gearboxity, a brand new community website, has been launched, offering the latest updates from Gearbox Software, detailed talent listing, and blogs from the Gearbox employees.