Out of Hell 5 April 2007

They didn't get to make their own news
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     1. New Crysis screenshots can be found on this inCrysis thread. Thanks: Doc.
     2. Away From Keyboard (Team AFK) has partnered up with Levelup Communications to manage the public relations and marketing for their growing professional gaming team.
     3. Rhem and Rhem 2: The Cave are now available for digital download at Adventure Game Shop.
     4. Tandem Events has announced that the second Develop Conference & Expo will be held in Brighton from July 24-26 2007. More than 70 inspirational speakers will take part in the two-day Develop Conference discussing the hottest and most relevant issues facing today's developers. Already confirmed are the likes of Peter Chaing (Vfx), Peter Molyneux (Lionhead), Rare, Mike Gamble (Instinct Technology), Katie Ellwood (SCEE) and Steve Williams (Blitz Studios).
     5. Luxology LLC sent over a press release announcing the addition of Click Grafix Bhd to its list of reseller partners. Click Grafix will offer the modo software to clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal as well as Saudi Arabia.