Strategy First Signs Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars

Quotix's fantasy RPG action game signed by Strategy First
Strategy First has announced that Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars, the action/RPG in th works at Quotix Software, is due in stores across North America mid summer, 2007 at the suggested price of $19.99. The game places players in a fantasy medieval world, where a dimensional portal to the Outer Worlds has opened, and an enemy from the darkness has encroached the world. Led by a demon named Pompolic, the armies of demonic hordes have taken over most of the planet. With mysterious origins, Pompolic’s malevolent spiritual being possesses supernatural powers. His desire is to possess the people and turn them into minions of his dark army, as he wields his power through his servants, the Dark Souls. Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars is divided into 15 maps that range from mysterious environments to the grass strewn plains to the dark dungeons. The player can choose between 2 characters, each with unique weapons and different abilities. Whichever character is chosen, there will be constant action with hordes of monsters. There are 18 types of monsters, and at the end of the game three bosses await the player.