Screens #16: Pirates of the Burning Sea

Twelve new screens
Our Pirates of the Burning Sea gallery has been updated with several new screenshots from this upcoming MMORPG in works at Flying Lab Software. Set in the Caribbean during the 1720s, Pirates of the Burning Sea offers a variety of fighting styles to suit anyone's taste. Players can choose between three basic schools of fighting: the classic scoundrel's dirty tricks, the formal yet deadly art of fencing, or the wild-eyed, free-wheeling use of small swords and daggers. Through the use of an innovative balance-based attack system, players gain advantage based on position and initiative. Avoiding the typical fire-and-forget MMORPG combat systems, swashbuckling in Pirates of the Burning Sea puts the control in the player's hands. Much like our celebrated ship combat system, swashbuckling provides opportunities for even the newest player to prevail in battle, allowing cunning and tactics to take a front seat to character level and experience. Pirates of the Burning Sea is currently in closed beta and will be released in June 2007.