Chain Reaction announced

Monster Studios let us know they are officially developing Chain Reaction, sadly they seem to busy talking about their comeback to describe the title... Anyway it should be a Puzzle/Arcade title, showing some flashy graphics.
Monster Studios comes out from under the bed. Oct. 09, 2002 - Eugene, OR - After three years hiding in the shadows, Monster Studios comes out from under the bed ready to grab the gaming world by its ankles. An award-winning developer of more than 70 gaming titles, Monster Studios founder Jeff Tunnell, formerly executive director and founder of Dynamix, has assembled a software development team of monstrous talent with the mission to "create cool games and have a blast." Tunnell founded Monster Studios in 1999 with long-time collaborator Chris Cole, his "go to guy." Over the last 10 years, they've produced titles such as Starsiege, 3D Ultra Lionel's TrainTown and Incredible Toon Machine. Programmer and Designer Kevin Ryan, one of the original partners in Dynamix, joined the Monster Studio team a year later. Ryan has over 20 titles to his credit including award-winning game titles Arctic Fox, Skyfox II, F-14 Tomcat, Rise of the Dragon, The Incredible Machine, and 3D Ultra Minigolf. Recent additions to the Monster Studios team include Brian Hahn, a former Dynamix Art Director with more than 10 years experience in the gaming arena. Hahn's titles include work on the 3D Ultra series, Trophy Bass, and The Incredible Machine. Brand Manager Jay Moore is the newest addition to the team. Moore's work includes The Incredible Machine school edition and Driver's Education '98 and DE'99. This frighteningly talented team has a vision to build creative games for kids and families and believed that going "indie" would be the best way to fulfill that vision. "There are so many exciting and untapped game concepts that the formula-driven, big-box companies are just not willing to take a risk on," says Tunnell. "We believe the Web publishing model can be successful and allow developers to bring quality games to market that deserve a longer shelf life." Tunnell has also been instrumental in building the GarageGames independent developer community that will double as a player portal for "indie" developed games. "With GarageGames," Tunnell says, "we're giving developers the tools and the support to build great games and bring them to market. Monster Studios will be our first Web-dedicated development house to show this can be a profitable path." Tunnell fully expects the model will allow great development teams to do what they do best while staying outside of the bureaucracies of large game companies. Monster Studios' first title, Chain Reaction, is slated for release later this summer. The game is based on a proprietary "Reaction Physics Engine" created by Cole. Who says, "It takes our reaction parts to a whole new level of realism in an engaging 3D environment." The team fully expects Chain Reaction to leave gamers screaming for more.