A bunch of Hunter 2003 released

Infogrames let us know that Deer Hunter 2003, Trophy Hunter 2003 and Bird Hunter 2003 have been released... defining them "outdoor sports games".
BEVERLY, Mass., Oct. 11 - The number one leader in the outdoor sports genre, Infogrames, Inc., is delivering the next generation of highly anticipated outdoor sports games to loyal fans country wide. The creator of the best-selling outdoor sports franchise has raised the bar with its next three releases: Deer Hunter® 2003, Trophy Hunter(TM) 2003, and Bird Hunter(TM) 2003, all at retailers this October. "With more than 40 percent of the market share, Infogrames is the undisputed expert in outdoor sports gaming," said Ann Marie Bland, Director of Marketing at Infogrames. "We have outsold Cabela's, the distant second place competitor in the outdoor sports lineup, 2 to 1 because consumers want the richest and most realistic experience in the field. This market is keenly aware that Infogrames is the creator of the original hunting series, and consumers know the best quality hunting experience for the PC is from Infogrames." "Infogrames' outdoor sports franchise has outpaced and outsold all other competitors for the past 5 years with six millions units sold to date according to NPDTechWorld because it is simply the best playing, best looking and best entertaining hunting series of games on the market," said Wim Stocks, Senior Vice President of Sales for Infogrames. With the introduction of its next round of the famed series into the market place, Infogrames has re-energized the genre by introducing the next generation of outdoor technology. With this new engine virtual hunters are immersed into lush environments and more involved in an authentic hunt. The superior graphics allows virtual hunters to experience the chill of the mountains and the smell of the pine forests. These titles capture the imagination with products that provide major enhancements like a GPS/mapping system in Bird Hunter 2003, multi-player options in all games and "Be the Hunter" in Deer Hunter 2003, where hunters create and customize their own profiles. Infogrames is supporting the launch of these three titles with an unprecedented marketing campaign within this category, which is highlighted by 30-second TV spots airing on ESPN2, Field and Stream and other sports programming. Infogrames is also the sponsor of ESPN's True Outdoor Stories: Survival Tip segment and a weekly sponsor of Outdoor Life Network's Field & Stream programming. In addition to TV, more than 28 million impressions will be generated with a print advertising campaign in American Hunter, Outdoor Life and Petersen's hunting magazines. An online component will reach both gamers and outdoor enthusiasts via GameSpy, NASCAR and ESPN among others. The outdoor franchise will have dedicated product displayers featuring all three titles -- Deer Hunter 2003, Trophy Hunter 2003 and Bird Hunter 2003 -- placed at retailers nationwide.