Jagged Alliance 2 Unfinished Business facts

Game Genre: squad-level combat/RPG.
The country of Arulco has fallen under a new threat. Ricci and Exploration, the company that ran Arulco's mines before recent civil war, wants those mines back. The corporation established a base in the neighboring country of Tracona and it to launch a missile attack on Arulco. As an example, unoccupied Tixa prison is destroyed. If their demands are not met they are prepared to destroy the entire country. This is a brand new squad-level combat / RPG from the makers the original Jagged Alliance & JA2 (Sir-Tech). It went without a publisher for a while but finally Interplay stepped up to the plate. The game is entirely standalone and does not require you own the original JA2. In case you did not play the original games, you will be happy to know they both won awards for quality & innovation, and this game looks just as good.