RTL Ski Jump 2001 screens & facts

Game Genre: ski-jump simulation.
This highly realistic ski-jump simulation features 16 true-to-life venues, where players have to qualify for each event against a field of 72 computer-generated opponents. Other features include a multiplayer mode, in which as many as 16 players can compete on the same computer. Skijump Challenge 2001 features realistic gameplay, with each jump recreated using data provided by the International Ski Federation, the FIS. Other authentic features include a scoring system where points are awarded for body position and landing, as well as a range of management and training options. One of the most intriguing dimensions of the game is the ability to hire a trainer and choose your own ski equipment in a bid to improve your performance over the season. After developing your ability in training and competition, you can even save your jumper on diskette and pit your skills against friends. As with all VCC Entertainment games, Skijump Challenge 2001 is the work of an experienced team of developers with an impressive track record in top-quality games programming. The results speak for themselves, with detailed graphics and improved player controls making this one winter sport you may well be enjoying all year round.