Lost Planet Battleground Map for Free Next Week

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition to be released for free on June 7th
Releasing these new screenshots, Capcom announced that Battleground map, which was included in the Collector's Edition of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for Xbox 360, will be available for free on Xbox Live Marketplace starting Thursday, June 7. Capcom also announced that multiplayer map pack #1 and #2 are also currently available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 Microsoft Points per pack. Map pack #1 includes two multiplayer levels: "Radar Field", a close quarters facility which is under construction and has a giant radar that provides a peak vantage point, and "Island 902", a sprawling Pacific-themed battlefield with several islands connected by bridges as well as vast underwater areas. Map pack #2 also features two levels: "Hive Complex", an abandoned mine with twisting tunnels and bridges set on a war-blasted mountain side, and "Trial Point", a modern day office complex featuring a photorealistic backdrop of a busy city center.