Beauty3d: Naked Covergirl Demo

An interactive game with advanced real-time 3D graphics and beautiful virtual girls
Kaplay Studio has released a demo of Beauty3d: Naked Covergirl, a simulation game that features real-time 3D graphics where you are a photographer of a fashion magazine. Realistic and beautiful 3D girls will be your models and show all kinds of attractive poses and dance for you. You can take their pictures from every angle in four different scenery, and you can change their clothing and beautiful bikini if you like. After shooting, players can go to the gallery and develop girls’ pictures. Beauty3d: Covergirl features advanced environment and skin shade effect, sphere light technology, facial expression system, walk around freely in the virtual world, and Directx9.0 support with realistic 3D graphics. Beauty3d: Covergirl can be purchased from its official website for $39.95 - this game is scored "M" which have content that may be suitable for persons ages 18 and older.