Xiah Double Experience Event

During this event period characters can level up at twice the normal rate
OnNet USA today announced the start of the "Double Experience" event which will end on July 9th, 2007. Anyone who plays Xiah during this period will be given 200% experience points. Experience points are awarded to players of Xiah whenever they kill monsters in the game. An accumulation of experience points leads a character to level up. In related news, Xiah now features "Premium" quests, quests that you can purchase at a general shop. These quests randomly give rewards of experience points, training points, skill points and "Five Element" points. You can buy the "Premium" quests anytime as long as you have the Jeon (game money). Players may repeat the quests as often as they like. Additionally, a major update has been made to the item mall (press 'read more' for details).

Xiah on PC
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