2025: Battle for Fatherland E3 2007 Trailer/Screens

1:26 of in-game footage
The first trailer and new screenshots from 2025: Battle for Fatherland have been added in our download area, showcasing this new third-person action game that promises to amaze gamers with mech fights, diverse weapon application and tactics. In the works at Primal Software, the game takes place in a very near future, 2025, when nations face hazard of terrorism that rules the world. The main character is a brave soldier of Peacemaking Forces who can’t stand this passive non-involvement any longer. To destroy aggressively acting and lurking within terrorist hordes (hostile troops, separate units and mechs) he has a diverse arsenal at his disposal including tanks, jeeps, and mechs. The latter can use antitank and sniper’s weapons. 2025: Battle for Fatherland is due to ship in Q2 2009.