The Bad, The Ugly, and the Sober E3 2007 Trailer/Screens

Over 35 game scenes, action-driven quests, animated backgrounds, humoristic storyline
Akella has released the first trailer and screenshots from The Bad, The Ugly, and the Sober, an adventure game in the works at Litera and due to ship in Q3 2007. The main character is a farmer called Jack, a former accurate shooter. One day an injured Indian, being chased by Black Bill’s bandits, comes to his ranch. Jack manages to save his life, but in return gets his farm burned down by the bandits. In bad need for money to rebuild his farm, Jack decides to participate in a bandit-tournament in "Westtown". This tournament is organized in memory of the famous robber James Starr where the main price is a bag full of dollars and an old portrait of him. In order to win, Jack has to succeed in a number of mini-quests, as for instance catching and riding a bull. However, as this old portrait includes a map to James Starr’s concealed treasure, Jack has to face a high number of competitors, including Black Bill’s fearless bandits.