Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword Ships and Demo #2

Expand your civilization’s power as you strive for world domination
2K Games has announced that Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, the second expansion pack for Civilization IV developed by Firaxis Games, has shipped to retail. The expansion is focusing on the late-game time periods after the invention of gunpowder and delivers 12 challenging and decidedly different scenarios, ten new civilizations, 16 new leaders, five new wonders, and a variety of new units. A new demo is now available for download (thanks: - the first demo can be found here.
Update: celebrating the launch of Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, 2K Games and Firaxis have challenged several of the most beloved creators of "web comics" to give a voice to the characters in Civ through a series of comics called Civilization Daydreams. Starting on July 24 and ending August 10, 2007, these Civilization-themed web comics from the artists behind 8-Bit Theater, Control-Alt-Delete, Dueling Analogs, GUComics, MyExtraLife and PvPOnline, as well as animated shorts from the executive producer and collaborators behind the Over the Hedge comic and animated film, will debut on a combination of the comic creator websites and Civ fansites. Press 'read more' for details.