Fate by Numbers v1.0.1 Free Full Game

Fate by Numbers was made as a graduation project for Communication and Multimedia Design (Avans) in Breda, the Netherlands
Fate by Numbers is a Full Motion Video adventure game filmed against a green screen and featuring 3D pre-rendered backdrops. The adventure games includes over an hour of HD-video with professional actors accompanied by a soundtrack written for the game. Private eye Alice Sanger is assigned to get a briefcase, but quickly finds herself immersed in a web of corruption and shadowy motives. It becomes personal when she finds out that one of mysterious people behind the briefcase is none other than her ex-husband whom was declared dead several years ago. What follows is a mysterious journey through the layers of a future metropolis with 50’s noir influences. A version with high video quality of (1,2 GB) and a version with normal video quality (800 MB) are now locally mirrored. Both versions feature the same amount of video.