Post Effects - Unreal Tournament 3 Mod Announced

Unreal Tournament 3 mods already?
Post Effects is an upcoming mod for Unreal Tournament 3 where, after a nuclear attack on the continental United States of America, the country is left open to even more attacks. The politicians have fled, and the structure of the US is weakening, however, a group of patriots, composed of both US soldiers and private citizens emerge to reclaim the United States in hopes of one day returning it to its full glory. The game is a multiplayer mod where you take on the role of either the US military/citizens or the opposing illegal aliens trying to take over the country. At various levels, you stop the terrorists from blowing up objects, recapture key territories, and save innocents lives. The opposing force will be responsible with trying to stop the incoming assaults. Utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 3, this mod hopes to take tactical fighting to the next level. Don't have a clear entrance to a room to rescue the hostage? Simply blow a hole in the wall to get there through means of a small demolitions pack meant for such tense operations. Both teams are equipped with various explosives, weapons, and other items to further engage the player in the action. You can view the first renders of the game here.