Combat Mission: Shock Force v1.02 Demo

The game is rated for Teens by ESRB, 12 by PEGI and 16 by USK has released an updated demo for Combat Mission: Shock Force, allowing you to try out their strategy game that depicts a hypothetical near future conflict between NATO and Syrian forces in Syria. The demo includes two playable scenarios. The first scenario (meant to be played only as US if played in single player mode) is a tutorial to help get your feet wet with the game system and the other mission is a combined arms battle with Strykers and M1 Abrams tanks against some tough Syrian Mechanized infantry. All multiplayer modes are active (TCP-IP, PBEM, Hotseat) and you can even access and play with the full Game Editor, but the save function is disabled. In addition to all of that, the pdf version of the full 200+ page manual is also included as well as a full Troubleshooting Guide.