Enemy Territory: Quake Wars GC 2007 Trailer/Screens

A high-res trailer and a few new screens
A new trailer and more screenshots from Enemy Territory: Quake Wars have been added in our download area, showcasing this game developed for PC by Splash Damage and built on id Software's new MegaTexture rendering technology. Set within the epic Quake universe in the year 2065, the game pits the Allied troops of the Global Defense Force (GDF) against a new Axis of Evil - the barbaric and technologically advanced Strogg - during their initial invasion of Earth. Gamers choose to play as Human or Strogg in one of five unique character classes. Employing an arsenal of weapons, vehicles and deployable armaments, players engage in an action-packed test of skill and coordinated teamwork through a series of combat objectives. Persistent character growth and achievements reward players for teamwork, while clearly defined mission and class objectives guide new players to meaningful contributions on the battlefield. The PS3 version is developed by Z-Axis and the Xbox 360 version is in the works at Nerve Software.