Vivox Voice in Fireteam Reloaded

Pixel Mine and Alpha Innovations to integrate voice into Fireteam Reloaded and PokerManager respectively
Vivox today announced that Fireteam Reloaded, a team-based multiplayer action game featuring furious combat in a futuristic battleground setting, in the works at Pixel Mine, Inc., will include integrated voice chat and a stand alone, custom-branded desktop communications client from Vivox. Players will be able to talk with team members, as well as opponents, in Team and Game Channels through the in-game user interface. In addition, fans can watch the action and communicate with one another on a Spectator Channel. Each channel is secure and equipped with management and moderator controls that provide the player full ability to create private group chat channels and mute other players on demand directly from the game UI.
In related news, Vivox announced that Alpha Innovations' new online poker community and poker software, PokerManager, will also include integrated communication tools and voice chat from Vivox. Check full article for details.