Atari Classics Evolved Trailer

0:58 of gameplay footage
Atari has released a trailer from Atari Classics Evolved, an homage to Atari's landmark catalogue in development for PSP and schedueld for this fall. Developed by Stainless Games Ltd., Atari Classics Evolved will feature such timeless games as Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Centipede, Lunar Lander, Millipede, Missile Command, Super Breakout, Tempest, Warlords and Pong. These titles, presented in both an original and an evolved version, will maintain the original gameplay while adding beautifully rendered up-to-date graphics. In addition to the 11 evolved classics, more than 60 original Atari 2600 titles will be available for gameplay such as the memorable Yar's Revenge, Night Driver, Canyon Bomber and Crystal Castles to name a few. Atari Classics will feature online Leaderboards for the original 11 coin-op games, allowing players around the world to compare scores, and will also feature peer-to-peer wireless compatibility for titles that have multiplayer capabilities.