The Exchange Student Episode #2 Demo

Updated demo of Episode #1 now available
Pan Metron Ariston has released a new trial version of The Exchange Student, this time giving you the chance to try out the second episode of this interactive sitcom featuring backgrounds from ex-Lucasarts & ex-Sierra artist Bill Eaken (Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Leisure Suit Larry 3, The Dig, The Secret of Monkey Island, Curse of Monkey Island, Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance) and animations by Dave Rigley (24 and a Half webcomic The Exchange Student is a point and click adventure game that will appeal to those who enjoy TV cartoon shows like Johnny Bravo, games like Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island and TV sitcoms like Friends, That 70s Show and Married with Children. Episode 3: Pointless is scheduled for release in Q1 2008.