Xiah New Rebirth Martial Arts Feature Announced

New Halloween Drop event started
OnNet USA also announced Xiah now includes a new "rebirth" martial arts feature which allows Xiah players to level up faster and to increase their various character statistics. Rebirth is training which is required in order to reach the Nirvana Level. This training can be achieved through pill training or natural training. This new feature is available only to players who reach level 60 or higher.
In related news, a "Halloween Drop" event has started today (00:00 PST) and will last until November 5th (22:00 PST). During this event gamers who hunt monsters will get a special Halloween item. Also, the Item Mall will have a new "Free" section where players will be able to select many different items which can be used for a trial period. Players are able to purchase the item after the trial period has ended if they choose to do so.

Xiah on PC
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