Battlegroup-Frontlines v1.0 Client

The goal of BattleGroup-Frontlines is to shift the players of Battlefield 2 back to the Second World War
Battlegroup-Frontlines (BGF) is a World War 2 mod for Battlefield 2 featuring historically accurate vehicles, aircraft, and weapons, realistic and accurate sounds, realistic weapon aiming aiming and firing physics, as well as famous battlefields. In BattleGroup-Frontlines, you are given the option of playing as one of several great nations: Great Britain, the German Reich, America, and Russia. Smaller countries will also be involved, but not as the primary players. Besides well-known battlefields such as Stalingrad and Normandy, one will be able to assist in the defence of Stalingrad with a Polish 7Tp or assist in the fight in Normandy with a Char B.