Jamster Allstars New Screens

Mobile characters Nessie, Sweety and friends to star in their own video game
Mercury Games today released new screens from Jamster Allstars, a game featuring Jamster characters who must make their way through a series of challenges to discover who has stolen the all musical notes so that they can continue to make ringtones. There are four playable characters – Sweety the chick, Nessie the dragon, Jambo the elephant and No1 from mad dawgz. Each character has its own skills and strengths, for example Nessie can breathe fire and Jambo can jump, creating earth shockwaves when he lands. Jamster Allstars will be published under the Turtle Games label, a sub-brand of Mercury Games aimed at 5-12 year olds. The game, developed for PS2 and PC, is due for release during February 2008.