Universe at War: Earth Assault New Trailers #4

'Play and Win' promotion in partnership with Games for Windows LIVE announced
SEGA has released three new videos from Universe at War: Earth Assault, showcasing this new RTS game developed by Petroglyph. Beginning on December 14th through the 16th, all LIVE gamers that register and play Universe at War: Earth Assault online will be eligible to win a wide range of prizes that will be given out on an hourly basis. Prize-winners will be chosen from gamers playing online when the hourly winner is selected. Players will also have the chance to play against the developers of Universe at War: Earth Assault on December 14th between the hours of 3pm to 7pm PST or 6pm to 10pm EST (press 'read more' for details). Universe at War: Earth Assault will be available for PC on December 10th, and for Xbox360 in February 2008. The PC demo is locally mirrored here.