PoxNora: Grimlic's Descent Released

New expansion for online strategy game with fantasy roleplaying elements now available
Octopi announced today the launch of Grimlic's Descent, a new expansion to PoxNora, their online game that combines the best ideas from collectible card games and miniatures games with roleplaying aspects. PoxNora: Grimlic's Descent adds 60 new runes across all factions, including the highly anticipated Grimlic, Hero of the Underdepths and a master of deception. Other features of the expansion include more than 40 new abilities, a new map and a downloadable game client, which allows players to run PoxNora directly from their desktops instead of navigating to the PoxNora website to initiate a game. With the release of Grimlic’s Descent, the runes from all previous expansions are now available in the PoxNora single-rune store.

PoxNora on PC
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