Total Extreme Wrestling 2008 Announced

TEW2008 will include several additions suggested by fans of the series
Grey Dog Software has announced Total Extreme Wrestling 2008, a sequel to Adam Ryland's Total Extreme Wrestling series scheduled to be available for digital download exclusively through Grey Dog Software in June 2008, for U.S. $34.95. Total Extreme Wrestling 2008 allows players to take on the role of a wrestling promoter, where it is up to you to try and steer your chosen company to the top of the industry, along the way dealing with prima donna superstars, wars and alliances with other wrestling companies, and the demands of TV corporations. TEW08 comes complete with an in-built TEW07->TEW08 database converter. Therefore, when the game is released, you can literally plug your favorite TEW07 database in and have it converted in a matter of seconds in to a new TEW08 game.