Penumbra: Overture Mac OS X Version Now Available

Penumbra: Black Plague for Mac OS X will also be released later this month
Frictional Games today announced the availability of Penumbra: Overture for Mac OS X. The game places you in the role of Philip, who, following the death of his mother, receives a letter from a dead man – his father. The letter insists he burn a particular book, but Philip studies it instead. Following clues in the book, he is led to Greenland. Caught in a deadly snow storm, he finds refuge – or so he thinks – in a strange metal hatch in the snow. Here, the game begins, as your adventure comes alive with cutting-edge game technology, allowing for maximum environment interaction, along with intricately detailed graphics, clever, brain-teasing puzzles, and an immersive, spellbinding story. A playable demo of the Mac OS X version is located here.