Moonbase Commander v1.1 Patch

Infogrames has released a patch for Humongous Entertainment's strategy title, Moonbase Commander. The patch (v1.1) fixes a few bugs and improves several aspects of the game (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Moonbase Commander v1.1 Patch (192 KB)
  • Moonbase Commander Patch v1.1 The following items are addressed by this update: - Players no longer duplicated in game roster of internet games. - Improved syncronization of game setup for internet games. - More lenient time-out for players in first round of internet games (less disconnects). - Improved custom map transmission for internet games. - No more "network_receive_array_script not defined" errors. - In team games, destroyed players get FoW lifted only when they have no surviving human teammate(s). - No longer possible to click enemy units that are under the FoW. - No longer possible to click cords/units that are behind game interface. - AI players no longer launch illegal items from Offensive Units. - "Skip" button problems resolved. - Clicking "Clear" in map editor correctly updates map size indicator. - Issue with Spike weapon occasionally affecting wrong unit resolved. - Reclaimer weapon uses correct altitude to determine affected unit (won't reclaim balloons by hitting ground). - Destroying a crazy amount of units at once should no longer cause a crash. - Music skipping may be improved by adjusting the music buffer pivot point. This will cause the computer to choose the next measure of music earlier, so it has more time to load. Add "MusicBufferPercent=#" to the [System] section of Moonbase.ini # is a value between 10 and 90. This is the percentage of the current measure that plays before selecting and loading the next. A smaller value gives the harddrive more time to load. If your music skips, try a value of 30 to start. Reduce to 20, then 10 if necessary. - Fixed missing underscores for some fonts - Incoming tracking will now properly track projectiles that pass thru fog areas back into visible areas. - Fixed issue with guided missiles sometimes flying into ground.