Bird Hunter 2003 Demo

Infogrames has released a playable demo of Bird Hunter 2003, the hunting sim developed by Sunstorm. The demo includes various weapons and items from the full game, and lets you play in one location (Minnesota). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Bird Hunter 2003 Demo (103 MB)
  • Bird Hunter 2003 Release 1.0 Release Notes Developed by: Sunstorm Published by: Infogrames Interactive Important: If you have any problems running the game, please read the troubleshooting section of this file. System Requirements: Minimum: Pentium III 500MHz 64MB RAM Fully OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator with 16+ Megs of RAM Windows 98 SE or newer 1 Gigabyte of free hard disk space Recommended: 800Mhz processor 256MB RAM 3rd generation, fully OpenGL compliant, 3D accelerator with 32MB RAM Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live or equivalent Best Experience: 1000Mhz processor 256MB RAM 4th generation, fully OpenGL compliant, 3d accelerator with 64MB RAM Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy Troubleshooting: Although Sunstorm has invested all efforts to provide maximum compatibility with all hardware configurations, there are some cases that cannot be remedied programmatically, but require an intervention from the user. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but those problems are beyond our control and are usually caused by limitations imposed by the operating system, faulty drivers or other problematic software installed on your machine. Here is the list of the cases and suggested remedies: FatalError: 'Cannot set display mode' Sometimes " Bird Hunter " won't start, and will report the above error message. Here are the possible reasons and suggested remedies: - You run the game on 8 bit, 15 bit or 24 bit desktop. Some 3D cards will not allow OpenGL acceleration at the listed color depths. You should set the desktop bit depth manually, in 'StartMenu/Settings/ControlPanel/Display/Settings'. The recommended color depth is 16 bit (64k colors, or 65536 colors). - You do not have a proper OpenGL or DirectX driver for your card installed. Game crashes at startup If you have incompatible video drivers installed, if something else is bad in your system, or if you have changed some of the advanced rendering options, the game might not be able to start at all. This especially can be the case with Voodoo1 and Voodoo2 cards if your primary video card has broken OpenGL support. To remedy this: a) Make sure you have all the proper drivers installed, and b) try to start one of the two predefined Safe Modes. Choppy performance or 'stuttering' On some mis-configured systems, you may experience extreme slowdowns, or game playing very unsmoothly. Here are the possible reasons and suggested remedies: - Old motherboard drivers for AMD or VIA chipsets. - Old or incompatible 3D card drivers. This happens often with the Voodoo3 cards, but can also happen with other models. - Misconfigured or incompatible joystick drivers. "Bird Hunter" tries to auto-disable joystick reading if it detects faulty drivers, but this mechanism might fail in some cases. Even if you think you don't have any joystick installed, please double check in the Game Controllers configuration in the Windows' Control Panel. Maybe you don't remember that it was installed once, or maybe it was auto installed without you knowing it. Also, it may be possible that you have installed a driver that is not compatible with your operating system. (E.g. this can happen if you install some Win98 joystick drivers on WinME.) To uninstall a joystick driver, go to Control Panel and open Game Controllers. Select the joystick/controller. Press Remove. - Too high quality settings Unless you have a very fast 3D accelerator, your system may not be capable of running "Bird Hunter" in 32 bit modes, at high resolutions or at high sound quality settings. No sound in game - If this happens to you, you probably have some other application running in the background that has taken control of the sound hardware. Usually this happens if you run some MP3 players, or other multimedia programs in the background. - Sound crackling or stuttering This symptom is usually due to either: a) Sound hardware incompatibility Some sound cards do not work well with some interfaces, or sound output formats. - Try selecting a different sound driver in the 'Options->Audio Options' menu. - Try lowering the sound frequency. Some drivers do not work properly at higher frequencies like 44kHz. b) or performance problems If the game has an overall slow frame rate, the sound output quality will suffer. DualHead/TwinView/HydraVision and multi-monitor not working under Win95, Win98 and WinME This is a known limitation of those operating systems. Windows 95, 98 and ME cannot support OpenGL acceleration if multi-monitor support is enabled. To be able to take advantage of the multimonitor support in "Bird Hunter", you must have Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and proper 3D card drivers that support OpenGL acceleration with multiple monitors. Known cards that support this feature are: - All Matrox cards with DualHead technology - nVidia GeForce 2 MX TwinView - ATI Radeon HydraVision However, there might be some issues regarding this feature caused by some system configurations and/or improper drivers. Crashes when switching between full-screen and window modes On some operating systems (especially Win95) and/or hardware setups, switching full-screen and windowed mode might not work properly. This is a driver issue and cannot be fixed from our side. Screen Tearing On some systems, when standing in place and rotating your view left-right quickly with the mouse, it might seem like the bottom of the screen is lagging behind the top of the screen. It can appear as if the screen is divided into stripes by one or more horizontal lines. This is a usual effect known as 'Screen Tearing', noticed only if you concentrate on it, and doesn't really affect the gameplay. It is caused by the rendering not being synchronized with the vertical refresh rate of your monitor. The option is usually present in one of the advanced settings options in the Display Preferences in Windows. It is driver-dependent and will be different for each video card. You should consult your video card driver manual for details on this (if any available). Strange graphics glitches in the distance Sometimes you can see strange graphics artifacts in the distance. It will usually appear as areas with small moving stripes and will change as you move your view, or as two objects sorted wrong. This is called 'z-fighting' and appears always on larger distances if you are running any 3D game in 16-bit display mode. It is a hardware precision limitation. We try to patch as many of these as we can to make them less visible. Try running at a 32-bit display mode, it should disappear. Note that, on some older 3D cards, 32-bit display modes might not be supported, or may cause slowdowns. Tips and Tricks: How to configure the game for improved performance "Bird Hunter" tries to auto-adjust the configuration to match your system. If you feel that the game is still too slow on your computer, you can try to configure it manually. You should try the suggested options in this order: 1) Make sure you have all the proper drivers installed. 2) Try reducing the resolution to 640x480 and the color depth to 16 bit. If you run Windows 95, you will not be able to change the color depth from within the game. In that case, you should set the desktop bit depth manually, by going to the Windows 'Start' menu and choosing 'Settings/ControlPanel/Display/Settings'. The recommended color depth is 16 bit (64k colors, or 65536 colors). 3) In the 'Options->Video Options' menu, try setting the 'Preferences' option to 'Speed'. 4) Reduce the audio quality settings. Go to the 'Options->Audio Options' menu and lower the 'Frequency' option to '11kHz' This can offer a major performance improvement if your CPU is not very fast, or especially if it is an older AMD K6-2 or AMD K6-3. Hardware Compatibility Issues: 3D accelerators "Bird Hunter" has been tested with many different 3D-accelerator boards and drivers. The game will try to recognize your board and adjust optimal settings for it. If you experience any problem, please make sure you have the correct display driver installed. You can download drivers from 3D board chipset manufacturer's site or any driver repository on the internet. All boards have been tested with Windows 98 SE operating system, unless noted otherwise. For compatibility with other OSes (WinNT/2K/XP) please read sections below. Here is the list of tested hardware: o 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics - driver version: 3.01.00 - supports only 16-bit rendering modes - no vertical lines in computer screen and menu - support for this board has been DISCONTINUED o 3Dfx Voodoo2 - driver version: 3.02.02 - supports only 16-bit rendering modes - support for this board has been DISCONTINUED o 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee - driver version: 1.04.01 beta (Voodoo5-unified Voodoo series driver) - supports only 16-bit rendering modes - runs very slow in windowed mode - if unified driver doesn't work, please install Voodoo Banshee driver version 1.04.00 (or newer) - support for this board has been DISCONTINUED o 3Dfx Voodoo3 - driver version: 1.04.01 beta (Voodoo5-unified Voodoo series driver) - supports only 16-bit rendering modes - this board has too small texture memory to display textures in full size - runs very slow in windowed mode - if unified driver doesn't, work please install Voodoo3 driver version 1.07.00 (or newer) - support for this board has been DISCONTINUED - WARNING: The current version of glSetup does not contain " Bird Hunter" compatible drivers for Voodoo3. o 3Dfx Voodoo4 & Voodoo5 - driver version: 1.04.01 beta (Voodoo5-unified Voodoo series driver) - runs very slow in windowed mode - support for this board has been DISCONTINUED o 3DLabs Permedia2 - some of required blending modes are not supported - insufficient hardware power - support for this board has been DISCONTINUED o 3DLabs Permedia3 - not tested o 3DLabs Oxygen VX1 - not tested o ATI Rage Pro - insufficient hardware power - supports only 16-bit rendering modes - support for this board has been DISCONTINUED o ATI Rage 128 and 128 pro - driver version: 4.13.7202 - lens-flares might not work in full-screen mode o ATI Rage Maxx - driver version: 6.40 cd15 - might have occasional triangle popping artifacts o ATI Radeon, 7x00 and 8x00 series - driver version: 4.13.7197 - occasional slowdowns o ATI FireGL2 - driver version: 5.12.2195.2078 - works only under WinNT/2K/XP - DOESN'T HAVE A DRIVER FOR Win9X/ME OSes - color bending artifacts when 16-bit textures are used (32-bit textures are recommended) o Intel i740 & i752 (i810/i815 motherboard chipsets) - driver version: 4.0 - supports only 16-bit rendering modes - some polygons in mirrors/portals might not work - support for i740 has been DISCONTINUED o Matrox G200 - driver version: 6.70.008 - might have occasional crashes on some configurations - polygon flickering and colorization artifacts - support for this board might not be possible in the future o Matrox G400/G450 - driver version: 6.72.016 - occasional polygon flickering and colorization artifacts o nVidia Riva128 - some of required blending modes are not supported - supports only 16-bit rendering modes - several compatibility problems - support for this board has been DISCONTINUED o nVidia RivaTNT, TNT2, GeForce256, GeForce2 and GeForce3 series boards - driver version: Detonator 21.83 - no known issues o PowerVR Kyro/Kyro2 - driver version: 1.3 (1.09.31) - some gradient textures might not be rendered properly o S3 Savage2000 - driver version: 9.51.12 - support for this board has been DISCONTINUED o S3 Savage4 - driver version: 8.20.33 - might have some triangle artifacts and/or z-fighting problems - occasional texture corruption might occur (can be fixed with '/RefreshTextures()' console command) - support for this board has been DISCONTINUED o S3 Savage3D - has not been tested but might work - support for this board has been DISCONTINUED Following 3D accelerators are not supported due to lack of proper OpenGL driver and/or hardware power: 3Dfx Voodoo Rush ATI Rage II (and older) Rendition Verite S3 Trio3D SiS Trident Official download locations for display drivers 3Dfx ATI special purpose drivers (recommended) ATI official drivers Intel Matrox nVidia PowerVR S3 Graphics WickedGL Voodoo drivers Display driver internet repositories (also contains unofficial and beta drivers) Beta or unofficial driver sometimes works much better than official. These drivers tend to be updated on a monthly basis. So, in case of any compatibility problems it is a good idea to browse a bit thru following sites. ReactorCritical SavageNews 3DChipset Motherboard drivers On motherboards with chipsets that don't have native support in Windows, you'll have to install the corresponding driver manually. Complete explanation on how to do that can be found in the motherboard's manual. Here are the links to the driver pages of most chipset manufacturers. Even if you have the correct display and sound drivers, you can still have some problems with "Bird Hunter" in case you don't have proper motherboard drivers installed. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR VIA USERS: In case you have a motherboard based on VIA chipset, please install latest VIA 4-in-1 drivers! ALi AMD Intel SiS VIA unofficial (recommended) VIA official WickedGL Voodoo driver (home page) WickedGL Voodoo driver is a 3rd party driver for Voodoo boards, provided by Wicked3D as an alternative for 3dfx' driver. It performs very well with "Bird Hunter" and it is highly recommended, especially in case of problems with 3Dfx drivers. DirectX 8 (and 8.1) compatibility "Bird Hunter" also supports MS DirectX 8 for rendering. However, we cannot guarantee that there won't be any problems using D3D under some configurations. Generaly, OpenGL is more polished, but on some boards you might find Direct3D faster and/or more stable to use. The choice is yours. WARNING: There is a great chance that the boards which have been discountinued (3Dfx, S3, ...) won't have efficient DirectX 8 support! In that case, using OpenGL for rendering is the only logical option. Windows 2000 & XP compatibility Normally, there should be no problem running "Bird Hunter" on these platforms. Both OpenGL and DirectX modes works fine, but in case of DirectX problems, you should revert to OpenGL. Still, that depends on hardware you're using (especially 3D-board). However, WinXP might enocunter some compatibility issues due to immature drivers. As always, it's very good idea to keep the drivers up to date. Technical Support (U.S. & Canada) Assistance Via World Wide Web Get up-to-the-minute technical information at the Infogrames web site, at: Through this site you'll have access to our FAQ documents, (Frequently Asked Questions) which contain our latest troubleshooting information. You'll have access to our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) area where you can download patches and new enhancements as soon as they become available, and an E-Mail area where you can leave us your tech support problems and questions if you do not find your answers in the FAQ information. Help Via Telephone/Fax Or Mail In The United States & Canada For phone assistance, call Infogrames Tech Support at 425-398-3051. We have an Interactive Voice Response and Faxback system that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you should need live support, we are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM (PST). We ask that you do the following when calling: be at your computer; have your system information ready for our technicians, including system make and model; RAM; video and sound card data and drivers; and any screen error messages you've encountered and where (if not currently displayed on your screen. It will expedite your handling significantly. You may also fax in your Technical Support questions or problems to: 425-806-0480, or write in your questions to the address below. We've improved our Automated Systems so that you can get product-specific troubleshooting help more quickly. Enter "Tech Support Access 23010" when prompted to do so. This will take you directly to any known issues and solutions regarding this product. Product Return Procedures In The United States & Canada In the event our technicians at 425-398-3051 determine that you will need to forward materials directly to us, please include a brief letter explaining what is enclosed and why. Make sure you include the Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) supplied you by the technician and your telephone number in case we need to call you. Any materials not containing this RMA# will be returned to you unprocessed. Your mail should be sent to the following address: Infogrames 13110 NE 177th Place Suite # B101, Box180 Woodinville, WA 98072-9965 Attn: Technical Support RMA#: (include your RMA# here) Warranty Policy In The United States & Canada If our technicians determine that the product storage medium is found to be defective within ninety (90) days of original purchase, (unless otherwise provided by applicable law), Infogrames will replace the item free of charge, to the original purchaser, if the item is accompanied by the original dated receipt and packaging. If you do not have the original receipt, or if the warranty period has expired, Infogrames will replace the product storage medium for a nominal fee.