Jack Keane English Demo

Playable demo unveils the first four levels of the eagerly anticipated comedy adventure game
10TACLE STUDIOS AG and Strategy First have released a new demo of Jack Keane, this time giving you the chance to try out the English version of this upcoming adventure game with an enthralling atmosphere, masses of well-elaborated characters, and plenty of cinematic cut scenes with many allusions to famous movies, video and computer games. The story is set in the early stages of colonialism and takes place in diverse locations like London, the high seas, Cape Town or the Indian jungle. Jack Keane will be available throughout The UK, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Middle East and the Far East starting March 7th 2008, and in North America on April 15th 2008. A German demo is locally mirrored here.
Update: a French demo is available as well.