Iridium Runners Ships and Screens #6

Unique futuristic racing game makes its North American debut
SouthPeak Games has announced that Iridium Runners, a racing game that places gamers into a futuristic world where they are literally running for their lives, has shipped to retail across North America, for PS2, priced $19.99. Developed by Italian game studio Playstos Entertainment, Iridium Runners offers several game modes, from full championship to single race, with the highlight being split-screen multiplayer. Split into traditional free-for-all racing and a tactically rich team mode, Iridium Runners' multiplayer allows for CPU players to fill space where human adversaries aren't available. The team mode features two teams with two players each, with each team having to balance racing for the finish line with hampering the efforts of their opponents by making good use of all the available collectables. Six new screens found their way in our gallery.