Al Qaeda Hunting 3D Second Demo

The crazy people from Incorrigable Games are back! This time with a second demo of their 'hit' FPS Al Qaeda Hunting 3D, which was recently reviewed by yours truly and oficially nominated for the worst game of the 2002. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Al Qaeda Hunting 3D Second Demo (34 MB)
  • *DISCLAIMER: This game depicts WHAT IS GOING ON ACTUALLY IN AFGHANISTAN BY US SOLDIERS FIGHTING FOR THEIR COUNTRY. If you are offended by this game, ashamed, or somehow feel that this game targets you because it's Al Qaeda you are killing: then this implies you feel inherently connected to them and one are one with their ideals and objectives of Al Qaeda terrorists. That in itself says alot about you, and not about the game. You look foolish to any objective American, no matter how you try to negatively spin this game. * Your comments are always welcomed to