Warriors Orochi Confirmed for PC and PSP/Screens and Trailer

KOEI’s hit crossover of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises expands to new platforms March 2008
KOEI today confirmed that Warriors Orochi, available now for Xbox 360 and PS2, will be released for PC and PSP on March 25th 2008. Warriors Orochi for PSP boasts the massive seamless battlefields of the console versions, while previous games in the series for handheld platforms had combat taking place on battlefields divided into smaller 'cells'. The handheld release includes all 79 playable characters, and features 2-player co-op play via wireless (ad-hoc). The PC version features enhanced graphics (for PCs meeting the recommended system requirements) and will be available exclusively through digital download.
Update: a PSP trailer and new screenshots from both PC and PSP have been added in our download area.