New Name for Sabotage

Stealth-action title coming out on PC and next-gen console
In order to avoid confusion with Saboteur, the game in the works at Pandemic and due to be published by Electronic Arts, Gamecock Media Group and Replay Studios have announced that the new name of Sabotage is Velvet Assassin (thanks: The main character is Resistance fighter and MI6 agent Violette Summer (based on the real historic Violette Szabo) who has to infiltrate German military camps in France, Poland and Germany during the war and sabotate them, kill high Nazi officers, rescue civilian hostages or solve other missions. The game will strongly show lighting and shadow-effects to support the player's stealth infiltrations and will focus on supense and silent action more than on ravishing gunfire and devastating grenade action - which is also possible to use for the player, but not always the best solution to a situation. Velvet Assassin will be released for the PC and major consoles later this year.