Dark Sector Multiplayer Details and Screens #3

Multiplayer features revealed
D3Publisher of America today unveiled the first details on multiplayer modes featured on Dark Sector, the science fiction action game in the works at Digital Extremes and due to be launched on March 25th, for Xbox 360 and PS3. The Infection game type is a match between Hayden and the Lasrian military. One player assumes the role of Hayden while all others (up to nine) assume the roles of Lasrian Troopers. Hayden is considered the infected target, and it is up to the Troopers to bring him down. Once Hayden is brought down ("finished"), the Trooper responsible becomes infected and a new round begins. The Epidemic game type is a team based match between the Lasrian military, and the Agency. Players are divided into two teams where (on each team) one player assumes the role of Hayden, and all others assume the roles of Troopers. Matches end based on a time limit, or point total, and rounds end whenever a Hayden is brought down. Press 'read more' for details - six new screenshots found their way in our gallery.